Romaji :

Anglais :

A child given birth to an adult unconscious of their sin dropped
I never had a name I don't even understand why I am here
and I haven't known my life of just these several months
I want to be loved I want to be born watching inside my mother's body
Its the second month since I gained consciousness, I felt something was too early
. I can't do anyhting yet, meanwhile the cord...

this incomplete me is scraped out, the pain pierces through my body
the voice of my screaming crying mother won't stop screeching in my ears.
The adults in white clothes pull me up, in their eyes full of cold blood,
I relfect bloodstained and without my right arm. They wrap me in black vinyl as is
While my consciousness gradually fades, I quietly think. If this me in the cage could be loved as I am
that would be enough I cant's let this go on
As I am unloved, I'd rather die
So I won't raise my newborn cry I'll quietly sleep
I wanted to see what it was like, just once, to feel a mother's love in my hand
I guess this is love...thank you
a door that can never be opened again has been shut tightly.
but you know what ? I am surely your future.

Man: Is this really okay with you ?
Woman: Yes.
Man: How many have you ?
Woman: Just one.
Man: I've killed countless children. Is this really permissable ? I'll ask again. Is this really okay with you ?
Are you prepared ?
Woman: Yes
Man: Then let us begin.

my body will be burned until the bones are gone it'll burn !