Romaji :


Anglais :

August 5th Saturday, Not a cloud in the sky
From the top floor of the building,
when I came to, I was bidding farewell
August 3rd Thursday, The wounds to my heart, the sixth wound,
I'm torn to shreds, I'll be completely destroyed, everything.

When we met I first noticed how foolish I was
and how i hurt others by never having faith in them
Why do I love you tirelessly again
it seems I can't forget loving you this way.
Believing is painful, I was crying by myself
without being noticed by you, as if you didn't know...

I don't wanna hurt anymore than this
but right now, I wanted to love only you.

There were times I tried to forget you,
but now I want to hold you.

believing is painful, I knew your past,
even though you were the one who couldn't forget.

I don't wanna be hurt more than this
but its only you, I can't hold tightly.

August 5th, in the clear and cloudless sky,
this is it, as I watch myself spread over the ground.

"I hold you" "I watch you" "I love you" "I think of you"